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8 Easy Daily Skin Care Tips for Men

Skin care is not just a women issue. Proper skin care is as important for men, which will keep you look healthy and good everyday. And it's so very easy. Here are 8 basic daily skin care tips for men. All you will take is just a few minutes a day!

  1. Everyday wash your facial skin with a mild soap such as Ivory. Do not use a strong soap on your face. Use cold water to rinse.

  2. One or two times a week, use a deep cleanser to wash your face with lukewarm water, then pat your face dry with a clean towel. This is to clean out your pores and your skin will feel better.

  3. UV ray from the sun could do a lot of harm to your skin. When you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time, wear sunscreen An SPF factor of 15. Pick a sunscreen that has aloe and moisturizers in it.

  4. After being in the sun, apply a facial moisturizer that contains vitamin E, which helps your skin recover from being burnt. You can also apply this any time your face feels dry.

  5. Do shaving right so that it won't hurt your skin. If you use a blade, remember to coat your face with a thin stream of hot water before applying shaving cream. If you use an electric razor, apply pre-shave lotion to enable your whiskers to stand up and keeps your shaver gliding easily across your face.

  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid greasy, fried food. It is not only for your overall health but also helps your skin to retain its elasticity longer, as some claim.

  7. Exercise is great for your skin! It will clear your pores, increase your metabolism, and generally make you feel better about yourself. Sweating allows your inner body to cleanse itself.

  8. Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day. The majority of your body's cells are made of water, so it's essential to keep them hydrated. You will see that how good your skin look if you drink sufficient water every day.
That's all. Easy, right? So keep practicing the above tips on a day to day base and your skin will look healthier and younger, allowing you to feel better about yourself.