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Essential Features for Man Watch

There are so many man watches to choose from, what's the essential features for man watch we wear most often for work and play. Let's keep reading.

Stainless-Steel Bracelet

Stainless steel is more practical than leather or rubber in a strap for everyday wear. It's classy enough to complement a business suit, casual enough to wear to the game, and waterproof, so you don't have to take it off to work out or shower. Less practical but more luxurious is white gold.

Water Resistance

It's safe to shower for man in a watch that's water resistant to 50 meters or more. For swimming, buy one water resistant to at least 100 meters. Divers' watches must be water resistant to 330 feet or more.

Classic Colors

The hottest trend in watches is colorful (blue, red, orange) dials and straps. But for an man watch, it's best to go with white, gray, or black -- basic shades that will look appropriate in a business setting.

A good man watch also means an excellent indicator of quality:

On mechanical watches, the second hand sweeps smoothly. On quartz watches, it stops and starts with loud ticks. When you see a supposedly high-end mechanical watch like a Rolex with a ticking second hand, guess what? It's a fake.


It's one of today's most popular styles, though few wearers have a clue about how to use all the functions. Frankly, the stopwatch function alone makes a chronograph worth considering.

Screw-in Crown

All diving watches, and many other watches as well, have this feature, which creates a tight seal to make the watch more water resistant. When you unscrew the crown to change the time or date, turn it toward you gently until you feel a light pop. When you screw it back in, don't overdo it. You just need to screw north until it tightens around the gasket; that's enough to keep it water resistant.

Ticker Power

Most of men prefer mechanical watches, because of their superior quality, sweeping second hands, and movement powered by the motion of your arm and wrist. The one downside: If you don't wear it for a few days, you'll have to reset it. With good care, a well-made mechanical watch will last more than a lifetime.

The other side, one battery-powered quartz watch is good choice in man's wardrobe. They generally keep more precise time, and they're less expensive. Plus, they're extremely handy after a power outage.