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Skincare tips for men- facial skin cleansing

Cleansing facial skin should be top priority for men, no matter what kind of skin they have. But one thing need to be reminded that the winter climate is relatively dry, so, the temperature of wash water must not be too high, or make it even more dry after cleaning the skin.


Speaking of cleansing, it is not so simple as washing the face several times more. The frequently washing would lead to excessive loss of water in the skin, twice a day is enough.

 To choose a mild moisturizing cleanser without stimulation is also important, lock in moisture from the first step in cleansing is thought to be able to achieve a multiplier effect. For those men who have combination skin, it's best to use two different effects of the cleanser when cleaning face. Considering about oily T-zone characteristics of combination skin, men can use T zone-specific cleanser with the mineral composition. Cleanser contains mineral ingredients can quickly remove the oil secretions, inhibit the production of blackheads.

 Besides T-zone, men can use a mild cleanser to clean the skin of the other zones. You can use the face cream with plant extracts, or the face washing mud with mud composition. They can not only clean the dirt in deep skin, but also keep the skin smooth and soft. Do not use soap to clean facial skin because soap contains alkaline ingredients which may take away the water in the surface of the skin, and make the skin drier.

 It's best to wash your face with cold water, wash facial skin with cold water before bathing can avoid the pores opened by the hot steam, the dust may enter into the skin when pores opened. Wash with cold water can enhance the skin's cold resistance and reduce the loss of sebum. Because the hot water will wash away the acidy membrane that protects the facial skin surface, and reduce the skin's elasticity and shine, and weaken disinfection.

 Experts' advice: Many people think that it will be more sanitary to clean face with a towel, but the fact is inverse. Towel loop pile is ten or hundred times larger than the pores, it is difficult to penetrate into pores to clean dirt and grease in the deep. Long-wetting towel will help to breed a variety of microorganisms; cleaning with wet towel when washing your face facial is tantamount to apply a variety of bacteria on it. It is best to use soft cotton to do cleansing, and disinfect and bask it regularly.