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What you should know before coloring gray hair color

For a lot of guys, going gray is a real gust to the self confidence and to some, gray hair is related with older age. Conversely, a lot of people conceive a entire head of gray hair to be quite attracting. Because we can not all be Anderson Cooper, a lot of us have decided not to go gray graciously and have converted to the bottle for assistance.

A professional person Will Almost all of the time make Better Results. As there are a few "just for men" domestic coloring kits, a pro colourist will be able to blend exactly the right color chemical formula to ascertain a innate looking result. Some companies now make fantabulous pro hair coloring for gentlemen. I especially like Redken Men Color Camo, a beauty salon service of process that needs about 10 mins. The coloration fades over time, so you do not have a striking color alteration as it grows out.

Regular Coloring could cost a lot of money. Anticipate to pay about $20 or $30 (excluding haircut and tip) for men's color treatment and plan on getting it done every month. For pro consequences, the cost is worthy.

Natural coloration could Be difficult to reach at Home. For whatsoever type of coloring service, I advocate looking for the services of a professional since the consequences will nearly always be more natural. I realise that, for some, this choice could be prohibitively pricey.  If you decide to color at home, buy a product specifically for men, always do a patch examination, and abide by the directions exactly. You will reach a more natural consequence if your hair is a "common" color. For dwelling usage, a lot of beauty salon guests have received good results using Just For Men, an over-the-counter hair color. 

I'll almost always advocate avoiding the use of chemicals which change the hair's state or color. Instead, it's my feel that you should find a barber or hairstylist who can make a expressive style that looks nifty with the natural hair you get. A voguish haircut will bring you a younger look. This access is more cheaper and simpler to keep than chemic services.


Posted by marco on Tue, Mar 31st, 2015
5. How long does Just For Men last?

A: One application lasts up to six weeks.

Does hair turn back to natural color after 6 weeks? Can I remove completely the color?
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