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Man Body Hair Removal

Men tend to fret about how much hair they sport on their face, chest and legs. Although some men believe that body hair is a measure of their manliness, many women actually prefer their men to be smooth. So there are no outright winners.

It never used to be a problem, until razors were invented. Nowadays, man body hair is a big issue, and a sensitive one too.

Some of man want hair in certain places but not in others, while many people inherit a whole lot more than they want. Comb through the following facts, and pluck out the info you need to be happy about all things hirsute.

Popular body hair removal for man methods vary somewhat by the location, density, and color of the body hair to be removed. Additionally, common areas of unwanted body hair on women vary from unwanted male body hair. Excessive body hair on anyone, male or female can be embarrassing and even affect self esteem. Below is a guide to the options available to remove body hair.

1. Facial Hair Removal for Male

It is often the norm for a man to have a smooth face and neck, and most choose electric razors or conventional razors to shave their facial hair and neck hair. It is not common for men to use depilatory cream, waxing, or electrolysis for removal of facial hair. Laser hair removal is becoming a popular choice for men who want facial hair and neck hairs gone permanently.

2. Chest Hair Removal

Chest hair can be sign of masculinity, but excess hair on the chest can still make a man feel self-conscious. Laser hair removal for unwanted hair on the chest takes less than one hour, and can be very time and cost effective. It is easier to remove this hair by shaving, but necessary to contend with the constant stubble. Depilatory creams can be a viable option since it is easy to apply a depilatory cream to one's chest hair. Waxing is also an option, but the cost and ingrown hairs resulting can be prohibitive. Again, electrolysis will probably remove the hair permanently, but can take quite a long time for such a large area.

3. Leg Hair Removal

It is not difficult to remove leg hair by shaving, depilatory creams, or waxing, but there are pros and cons to removing leg hair by these methods. It is very quick to remove your own leg hair by shaving, creams or even by waxing. Shaving such a large area can be tedious though, and many people have to shave their legs daily to keep them smooth. Waxing legs isn't as painful as waxing other areas such as bikinis, but it gets very expensive. Leg waxing costs about $45 every six weeks. The legs take 1-1 ?hours each session and require about 4-8 sessions to obtain permanent hair reduction. Electrolysis for legs will often time permanently remove the hair, but can take much longer, and cost more than laser.

4. Back Hair Removal

Back hair removal is very important for a man's self image if he has excess back hair. A man has very few viable options if he doesn't know anyone who will slather on depilatory cream or shave his back every three days or so. Back waxing is a possibility, but can become really costly at $45 every six weeks. Removing the hair on the back by laser is quick and affordable over time. Back hair will be permanently reduced after 5-8 one hour sessions. Electrolysis to remove unwanted back hair can easily take over 100 one hour sessions, and can cost about $40-150 per session.

5. Genital or Pubic Hair Removal

Complete, or almost complete bikini hair removal has become more common for women today partially bolstered by the fashion craze of low-rise jeans and hipster skirts. Some centers offer options for designs, henna tattoos, rhinestones and even designer logos in the pubic region. Now more than ever women are choosing to go bare. Bare or not, excess genital hair can be quite embarrassing at the beach.

Pubic hair removal only takes about 15-30 minutes per session, and many machines are approved to claim "permanent hair reduction." The pubic area will require only 4-8 sessions or fewer to be smooth.

Removing hair from the bikini area comes with its unique problems. The skin of the bikini area is prone to irritation, and ingrown hairs. Shaving, waxing and sugaring can exacerbate this. Furthermore it is necessary to wait for a certain amount of outgrowth before waxing and it can be embarrassing to be seen on the beach with so much outgrowth. Let all people be warned, OOOUCH - bikini waxing and Brazilian bikini waxing can really hurt! It can even leave bruising. Depilatory creams, better known as hair removal creams don't have the above problems, but the cream can cause chemical burns if left on too long. The results of these creams only last a few days. Electrolysis requires some outgrowth, and can take many hours to complete. Electrolysis will result in permanent bikini line removal, though.

Here are some tips for removal body hair available:

  • Shaving - works on men legs and underarms, but not advisable for female facial use, as it blunts the hair tips and makes regrowth appear thicker.
  • Bleaching - facial and upper lip hair can be lightened by using special kits available from chemists, or by getting professional treatment from a salons.
  • Electrolysis - a process available in some salons where a mild electric current is used to destroy the hair root. It's permanent, but costly and very time consuming.
  • Plucking - single hairs are pulled out from the root. It's painful, and only to be used on the eyebrows.
  • Waxing - involves using DIY kits from a chemist, or more elaborate hot wax treatments in salons. It's a process in which wax congeals around the hairs so they can be pulled out in batches. Painful but very effective, although six weeks on you'll feel the need to repeat the process.
  • Depilatory creams - these are specially formulated to dissolve hair. It's only temporary though, and can be expensive too. Also be aware that some people can have bad reactions to the chemicals.


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i want to remove my all body hair special om ass i want to look like woman body i want also enlarge my bibs(breast) please suggest me
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