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What's Hot and What's From the Celebrities

It is for men's hairstyle trends, the New Year starts off with the first celebrity award show, The Golden Globes. All the male celebrities either set new hairstyle trends or hairstyle do nots for all the guys out there. Let's get started with some of the best looks.

Johnny Depp's hairstyle may not be the best for an award show or other gala, but the bed head style is great for days of hanging around or the club scene.

Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand sported an old hairstyle that just did give an award winning appearance much like Evan Marriot, of Average Joe 15 minute fame.

Hot young actor Adrien Brody offers a smoldering look with a fine, long hairstyle. This will definitely be a hot, men's hairstyle. As for off the radar, former hot actor Ryan Philippe just does not fit the mold with the brown hair and short hairstyle. Reese is still a blonde and so should he.

For guys looking for that buzz trend, Matthew Fox, of the very popular series Lost, shows how it's done from back to front and especially the side burns.

Hugh Laurie of, House Call, just is definitely an out of place doctor with his fuzzy hair that seems to be sticking out everywhere even with his Golden Globe.

Matt Dillon's new look came a little short just like his Golden Globe and will not be starting any trends with this hairstyle.